My Affiliate Marketing Story…

Welcome to the Sant Affiliate Marketing! If you are here, means, you are interested to make money from home or simply, looking for legitimate home business opportunity.

Before you know more about my story, here is an interesting news (or warning) for you:

According to the White House report, published on December 20, 2016, regarding “Artificial Intelligence, Automation and the Economy” stated that the artificial intelligence will transform our economy over the coming years and decades.

About What?

About the coming of robots.

They are going to be inserted into companies soon.

And they will steal your job you fought so hard to get from the competitor…

Do you think I exaggerate?

The report continues “Researchers estimates on the scale of threatened jobs over the next decade or two, range from 9% to 47%”.

Make no mistake. Robots will replace millions of workers. 

Who will be the first victims?

People in lower wage jobs. It is because…If you are getting paid peanuts in your current job, you’re easily replaceable.

And when push comes to shove, do you think your obnoxious boss will prefer you over a machine that works 24/7, doesn’t ask for vacations or a pay raise?

Yeah, me neither.

What Are YOU Going to Do?

Play nice and believe that you are a special snowflake who won’t get fired?

Good luck with that.

But what if fear of getting replaced has been in your head for a long time?

There is only one decent solution for youSTART YOUR AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS ONLINE! How? It is revealed below…

Right this moment, there are hundreds of thousands of people looking for a reliable home business opportunity to sign up (I was one of them)…

Because the online business is very resilient to economic pressure in the world as in case of traditional business can be completely lost when economics tend to changes. A great example of this is my own country, India.

In July 1st, 2017, Indian Government implemented GST and now hundreds of thousands of traditional small business owners in India has shutdown their businesses. 

If YOU Don’t Want To Face THIS Situation Again in the FUTURE…

97% people who start business online, failed to make money because they don’t have a proven system that works for them. 

Almost everyone who is making money online has gone through months (or even years) of trials and errors…

They’ve also spent thousands of dollars to test out the correct ways to make money online.

But ask yourself – do you REALLY want to go through of all these pain, expenses and frustrations?

That’s why, I have got this website! I hope you will be benefited from the info published on this website. It has helped many ordinary people, including newbies to make real money…

So, here is how my affiliate marketing story was started…

Every action taken have some reasons behind it. My past was very bad. You and me, can not change our past. But we can change our future by taking appropriate actions! 

So, it was my PAST that wanted me to take this serious action to begin my new LIFE story…

OR…Read the story below!!

Once Upon A Time…

It was January 1982, when I came in this beautiful world from one middle class farmer family.  

…After years of studying, I finally completed my graduation in 2007.

Wow…. I became an Engineer. Very happy because I thought that now everything would be change.

Dreaming of one nice job and big money… Everything was spinning BIG in my mind.

I supposed to make some money and I didn’t want to empty my Dad’s bank account anymore for my dwelling.

After 4 months of college pass out, I started to work in private company.

I had continued doing 9-5 day job as typical new graduate student wanted to do because of my poor economic situation.

In between, I met with one new friend… A girl friend, Sanjana!

Everything was going great and fun.

Then One Day I Realized Solely Job Was Not Sufficient To Rolling Things Easily…

One day evening, I was sitting in my bedroom reviewing the bills. I was trying to decide which ones I could afford to pay now and which ones I could put off until later.

Basically I had to decide – do I give up my internet, my cell phone or electricity for the next couple of weeks.

And one evening, while leaving after dinner in restaurant, Sanjana asked, when we are going to go to summer vacation?… I promised to take her but I never had time because I was always working.

I felt like the world’s worst boyfriend.

Sanjana thought I don’t love her, because I always put my job first. That was the moment when I knew I had to get out of this tedious 9-5 schedule and build something my own business which could give me flexible work hours.

I needed more spare time and would like some EXTRA bucks to gear up things in our life. But how could I do that? …I had NO idea.

It was the year 2010.

…I Was Traveling To My Workplace, I Saw An Advertisement “Make Money From Home, No Experience Required!”

It was blown my mind away. Whole day I was thinking about that advertisement; and questioned myself, How could it possible?

I decided to give it a try. I called on the phone number provided within that advertisement.

They asked me “Do you have PC and Internet access?

I said YES.

Further they asked “Do you have 2-3 hrs spare time?”

Again I said YES!

Further they explained how I can make money from home and asked me to purchase their ONLINE JOB KIT for $50. I was in dire need of little extra money and time… so I ordered that job kit and received it after 7 days by postage.

Next day I opened it; there was a CD and password written on it. Finally I logged into their website with the password provided.

Ooh….It was fool surprise!

There was nothing except 2 links on that web page. When I clicked on first link I was landed over a tiny job portal often known as Amazons Mechanical Turk (M-Turk). And second link landed me on the Commission Junction website.

It took me a whole week to read contents over those website and understand it. M-Turk was providing small jobs to complete for very little bucks when “job” been accepted and confirmed by the owner.

On the other hand, Commission Junction was providing other people stuffs to sell online for certain commissions called “Affiliate Marketing”.

What The Hell I Was Doing On The Internet?

I was dealing with 2 totally different concepts. I didn’t understand where to get started… Commission junction, however, was none of my business at that moment.

It was decided to go for M-Turk… began doing the work… was working till 2:00 am in the morning.

Continued there for about 6 months however as compared to my new laborious work, final result was almost ZERO. Couldn’t in a position to pay my Internet Bill by that penny.

It was totally disappointed by my hard-work. I didn’t want to get that kind of penny for Hard TIME. My dream was BIG.

I did dozens of work from home, bought different kind of work from home job kits.

I joined several email lists of so called Internet Guru’s in between.

Time was running fast. I mean very fast that I could not cover up my extra bills even. Six months, eight months then ten months and finally year 2011 passed doing this work…

I had assumed that this hell isn’t for me. Every day my inbox was flooding with new opportunities to take.

After number of Dos and Don’t and wasting my hard-earned money and time both on purchasing products after products, I started concentrating on the Affiliate Marketing (Concept I learned in Commission Junction) and decided to startup my very own Internet Affiliate Marketing business.

YES! And From Right There My Journey Of AFFILIATE MARKETING Has Been Started…

I started affiliate marketing in the middle of year 2012.

Gurus were saying that you need a website… So I created many website on WordPress and Blogger.

Gurus were saying that now you need traffic to your website… So I started creating my social account everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, G+ and lots more…

Implemented the tactics I learned from every guru I joined and from their product(s) I bought.

Though, the results were not as expected I realized that affiliate marketing is legitimate opportunity to make money from home.

Now the things had to be changed. I needed even more time and few hundred extra bucks…

Because I added one more responsibility to my life; Sanjana has become part of my life now.

I really needed to strive more even before. Our expenses became double in couple of months. Condition was not better than previous.

My physical and mental health began falling down. Decided to take leave for a week from job.

It was about to retreat from my affiliate home business in the middle. I recalled the whole life in flashback. I realized that I had hit a point of no return in this business. The only way remaining was to push it forward…

My Company Was Deciding On Kick-Off Employees. …Then Something Weird Happened With Me.

One evening, after dinner I was checking my email. One email from dozens of other got my attention. That email was not from regular gurus. I had subscribed this guy just a week ago.

His email was sensing something different than others… “Are you doing affiliate marketing? I’ve got something for you…”

I clicked that email. Read the whole point-to point content within. It was 01:30 am when I finished reading went to the bed… closed my eyes but mind was open…  

…thinking about it till 03:00 am.     

Finally I decided to take one final Do or Die attempt using a new solution I hadn’t tried before. I knew, if I fail, not only I’ll not achieve the goal, but I won’t be able to go back to my old life.

It was not easy… needed to take several actions:

I had to make changes in my road-map and give up FEAR OF FAILING!

1. I wanted to STOP my EMPLOYEE Life… [Nobody wants this life]

2. I wanted to QUIT my MIDDLE-CLASS Lifestyle… [Nobody wants this class]

3. I wanted to CREATE TIME and FINANCIAL freedom… [Everybody wants this]

4. I wanted to BECOME INSPIRATION for my SOCIETY… [A good person]

5. I wanted to EXPLORE EXOTIC places around the GLOBE… [I have got one Life]

Our Life Started Changing When I TOOK Actions… Though Success Did Not Come Overnight, I Could Smell It…

I never knew that it was possible to have the “Laptop lifestyle” but now I am utilizing the “Affiliate Marketing that learned by Patric Chan, I am seeing how it is absolutely possible for ANYONE who wants to have this lifestyle!

You don’t believe I had wasted thousands of dollars online testing things to work for me.

You know what it’s like when you can’t make real money by investing your hard-earned money. And you continue to in(waste) but all you get is scrap…

I have tried almost everything from online form filling, posting ads and some work at home jobs that claims to make money for me.

And what was the end result? Just waste of MONEY! I mean the REAL Money!

If YOUR Story Looks Similar to Mine…It’s YOUR TIME Now!

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Hope you like it. Get in and START TAKING ACTIONS… 

Its Your Choice… Make It or Break It!

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This is my internet marketing story. I have done that. If you feel, it’s an inspiration… Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheels!

Enjoy your days coming next!

Don’t forget to reply back and ask queries about affiliate marketing…

Talk soon!

Santosh Mali

IM Skype: skmali82

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