Hi Future Team Leader!

How are you doing today my friend?

It is great to have you in my GDI Team! And hearty welcome on the board!

You have not joined our team to know how to make pizza online, or to buy shoes!! We are here to make money helping each other. And it’s process starts in our mind…

Well, There is a science behind it. The Science Of Getting Rich!

READ the above summary from the book “The Science Of Getting Rich” very carefully till you understand it…

Well, myself Santosh and wife Sanjana Mali, herewith committed to help you as much as possible from our side.

Our Leader Albion Derbyshire (Ablie) have given us lots and help me become a new Team Leader; It’s our duty we should do the same for you as a GDI Team Elite Leader.


Let’s Know Your Desire

Let’s begin with this quote…

So, everything starts with a STRONG Desire! Your desire of what you WANT must be strong enough to get that thing in your real life.

Come See Pictures of Your Team… here

You are going to be a NEXT Leader on that page…

Soon we will be begin your training with Sixteen Steps that will help you grow:

  1. Your GDI business by huge duplication.
  2. Your email subscribers (Internet Asset) list.
  3. Multiple Income streams.
  4. Your own brand to have KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST without which you may not make more sales online.

While you are undergoing the training and meet the TEAM requirements, we will start placing GDI members under your GDI downline.

And when you about to finish these 16 Steps Training, you are eligible to become NEW GDI TEAM LEADER and We will help you getting your “The Team Leaders Duplicatable Website” like Albie helped us!

If you become a team leader in our downline, We give you permission to COPY any material you like that is linked to this page and EDIT the LINKS and ADD your own etc. Just please make sure to give us (Sanjana & Santosh) the credit if you will use it without formatting. Thanks!

I hope this helps you to growing your GDI business and setting multiple streams of income with your team. This enables you to spend more time and focus more on the important things (like advertising or connecting with your team).

Our team leader Albie’s advice “Always remember that building a team, or learning internet marketing is a thing of value and takes time to build. Don’t fall for the “get rich quick” theme you see so often out there!”

WHY You Need a Team of Like Minded People?

To understand the REAL meaning of building your OWN Team is THIS…

So you know the IMPORTANCE of TEAM now. And WHY you are with the Team Elite.

Do you think Bill, Mark and Richard have built their TEAM over night? Over month or year? IT NEEDS PATIENCE and FAITH!!

“With Team Elite’s help we will get your 6 members in the course of time. This is team work and we work together to help everyone to build a downline. Team work means all of us will need to help with the advertising. If you need help we can show you how you can do this.”
We really care about your success!

Here is another quote by Jim Rohn “Formal education will earn you a living but self education will earn you a fortune.”

Are you ready for your SELF-EDUCATION?

Let us know HOW you feel and you can share your Online Experience with us. It will help our team to HELP you!

To your success!

~Sanjana & Santosh

Skype- skmali82

Email: support@santaffiliatemarketing.com

EARNINGS DISCLOSURE: Any statements of particular income amounts, or any experiences shared by the individuals in this post or email or on our website are exceptional and likely do not represent the typical results.