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All Solutions Network Review (ASN)

asn reviewHi, welcome to my All Solutions Network review. Are you member of all solutions network yet? In case you are already a member of ASN and get confused to getting started or you’re a new right here and need to be a part of this system, the all solutions network review here will assist you to getting started or you’ll be able to better decide whether it’s best for you or need to click X button at the top!

Program Name: All Solutions Network (ASN)

Legit / Scam: It is Legit for Me! (4.8/5)

How it’s value Me: Always FREE to START & Earn

Owner of the Business: Bruce Castro

Well, all solutions network started in the year 2001 and now it has been 15 years in online business serving the people all around to get their solutions.

It is not get rich quick scheme but if you work, money will flow as quick as possible. It will make you cash if you work and follow with the system. It is true that nobody will pay you if you don’t work even when you pay $50 or $100 for being a member of any program. So it’s the only WORK that going to pay you big. Same is applicable to ASN aslo.

The all solutions network is works on POINTS system. If you accumulate more points inside the system, there is more money for you. Collecting more points is simple whatever you do within the system will, you will earn points for your activities.

For example, If you purchase something with Amazon or Walmart from this system, you get points allotted to that specific activity. If you take free quotes, free trails or use free services, you earn points for doing so. Whatever you do online if you use your ASN website for that, you’ will earn points.


So, in nutshell you are going to earn money with All Solutions Network by utilizing it for yourself and by giving away your free ASN website and helping others to earn money by doing so on this website.


All Solutions Network review of members

I am one of many hundreds of active ASN members. If you’ve visited this website earlier, you is likely to be confused and getting overwhelmed. did you? It was happened with me also. I get completely confused at first-sight because of there are so many links that made me jump from one page to another within the system. You may be not sure what to do right here and if you contact them and ask that ” your system appears like very confusing” they’ll agree with you too.

As a results of that they’ve created training videos for ASN community members on easy methods to work with this system. This is my personal opinion what I really feel about ASN. If you want to know all solutions network review of other members CLICK HERE!

 ➡ Is All Solutions Network scam

First upon, this business is in service for 15 years now. If it’s a kind of any scam, thousands of ASN members weren’t tolerate it. I got paid from this system also. So I can not stamp it as SCAM. As usual, the one drawback is that if you do not work or follow with this system, you can not make more money. But in case you are a sort of lazy fellow like me (kidding, lol), you’ll be able to earn from their HOSTING services.

Here is an example of how you can make money from your personal use.


The numbers like 8-25, 1-50, 1-30 and so on above the respective banners indicates that retail bought for $25 will earn you 8 points, in second case, a purchase of $50 will earn you 1 point and in third case, purchase of $30 will earn you 1 point. And if there may be single number above banner say 12 which means I’ll earn 12 points for that specific service. Got it?

Also you see in above image that some banners indicates “20% commission over $75 retails” below that 8-25 numbers, right? That is what I’ve explained in the image RED text. If you buy something from that website over $75, you will get 20% commission on your purchase.

Like this there are lots of shopping websites along with Walmart and Amazon. So in case you are big fan of shopping online from Amazon or Walmart, you undoubtedly earn good money than Cash-back websites.

 ➡ All Solutions Network Hosting

I’m a big fan of this ASN hosting service. This hosting will make you money just for using their paid hosting service (Hosting is not free). In order to make money from their hosting, you must pay month-to-month hosting charges based on chosen hosting package. You can not make one time payment for hosting you need to subscribe for monthly payment.

See the image below for hosting packages and what number of points you will get for that specific hosting package each month…

I’ve created a separate post about this. Go and read it Get Paid for Hosting Website or Blog!

So that is how you can use this system to earn extra points. You have MORE points = More money you’ll be able to earn.

My intention is not to bore you however ASN is really huge. Might at this point, you understood, easy ways to earn more points by doing what you do online in your personal ASN website. Now how much money will these points make you…

I have already explained in my previous post Get Paid for Hosting Website or Blog! I’m reproducing some part here…

 ➡ How these POINTS make you money?

Each month All solutions Network Hosting generates thousands and thousands of dollars and so they share a few of their profit to active members every month. And your share on this profit is depends upon what number of POINTS you’ve collected in a particular month.

Let say for example, this company generated $1 million as revenue in a single month. System share this revenue to their active members for that month. If you capable of accumulate specified POINTS for numerous bonuses for that month, your share shall be as per example below:

(Remember, this is an example. You might earn even more or less depending upon system revenue and how many active members are there in every bonus level)

  • FAST START BONUS: 4 points to qualify (According to newest update even 2 points qualify)

Receives 35% of all Infinity Revenues. 4 points additionally earns 3 level of downline.

Sample Income–– 35% of 1 mil= $350,000 allotted to Fast Start Funds. Assuming as many as 10,000 members qualified for the funds, every member would get $35 per qualifying member.

  • EAGLE BONUS: 15 points to qualify

    Receives 20% of all Infinity Revenues. Note: 8 points earns the quick start bonus, plus 6 level of downline. 15 points additionally earns the eagle bonus AND 10 level of downline.

    Sample income – 20% of 1 mil= $200,000 allotted to Eagle Bonus Fund. Assuming as many as 4,000 members qualify for the fund, every member would get, Eagle Bonus of$50 per qualifying member+FAST START Bonus $35 per member=Total $85. Remember that with these 15 points, you additionally earn Group Bonuses (overrides in your downline actions).

  • BRONZE BONUS: 24 points to qualify

    Receives 10% of all Infinity Revenues.

    Sample Income— 10% of 1 mil= $100,000 allotted to Bronze Bonus Fund. Assuming as many as 1,600 members qualify for the fund, every member would get, Bronze Bonus of $60+Eagle Bonus of $50+Fast Start Bonus $35= Total of $145.

    ALSO, you now earn Group Bonuses on each purchase and each sale produced from each website in your downline.

  • SILVER BONUS: 50 points to qualify

    Receives 10% of all Infinity Revenues.

    Sample Income–– 10% of 1 mil= $100,000 allotted to Silver Bonus Fund. Assuming as many as 800 members qualify for the fund, every member would get, Silver Bonus of $125+Bronze Bonus of $60+Eagle Bonus of $50+Fast Start Bonus $35= Total of $270.

    ALSO, you now earn Group Bonuses on each purchase and each sale produced from each website in your downline.

  • GOLD BONUS: 75 points to qualify

    Receives 8% of all Infinity Revenues.

    Sample Income— 8% of 1 mil= $80,000 allotted to Silver Bonus Fund. Assuming as many as 400 members qualify for the fund, every member would get, Gold Bonus of $200+Silver Bonus of $125+Bronze Bonus of $60+Eagle Bonus of $50+Fast Start Bonus $35= Total of $470.

    ALSO, you now earn Group Bonuses on each purchase and each sale produced from each website in your downline.

  • PLATINUM BONUS: 100 points to qualify:

    Receives 7% of all Infinity Revenues.

    Sample Income— 7% of 1 mil= $70,000 allotted to Silver Bonus Fund. Assuming as many as 200 members qualify for the fund, every member would get, Platinum Bonus $350+Gold Bonus of $200+Silver Bonus of $125+Bronze Bonus of $60+Eagle Bonus of $50+Fast Start Bonus $35= Total of $820.

    ALSO, you now earn Group Bonuses on each purchase and each sale produced from each website in your downline full of 10 level.

 ➡ If you don’t DO THIS, You will not make MONEY

So guys, now you learnt to earn points and also you understood how a lots of points make you money. But if you FORGOT to do the following thing, you will MISS all solutions network earnings. BE SURE to CONFIRM THESE POINTS FIRST in any situation.

♦ When you be a part of ASN system, you get your unique member ID. If your name is John Smith, your member ID would like something JSxxxx. i.e your initials followed by four digits. So make sure that for earning points out of your personal use, you want to use your personal link containing your unique member ID ‘JSxxxx’ within it.

If you use your personal link then only you’ll earn points for your activities. Best option to confirm it by logging into your account first. It will make sure that each link you clicked in the ASN containing your ID. So that you would be able to earn points out of your PERSONAL use.

point-confirmation-in-asnOne thing that I actually do not like about this system is that you can’t see how many points you have earned inside the system. You must keep record of all points generated by your activities MANUALLY and also you need to submit and confirm all points manually by POINT CONFIRMATION PAGE within the system which you will find at top right corner when you logged in.

♦ So now you might be using your personal link and bought something from your link or you’ve chosen free quotes and trails, it is time to CONFIRM that points manually.

 ➡ You NEED 3 things readily available with you for points confirmation.

  1. Name of the service or program you’ve chosen.
  2. Number of POINTS to redeem for that specific service or program. 
  3. And 3rd thing is the Confirmation e-mail received from that service or program provider.

When you click on Point Confirmation link, you will be redirected to following page. Scroll down (read the info on page if you need) and you will see the a form for point submission. Fill all the details and click on submit. Great job, you are now able to earn money out of your earned points.


One thing more you will get by doing that is after submitting your points successfully, you’ve got an opportunity to REBATE $300 of gasoline, $300 of Grocery and if you want, you’ll be able to take a vacation-tour (T&C applies).

Please Note: Point confirmation for hosting service is not required. They are auto renewed every month when you pay for hosting every month. Remember to confirm all other points every time you earn apart from hosting service like when you take free trail or quotes, buy something from various shopping sites etc…

Keep records of all activities and points submitted each month. It can assist you to calculate your lump-sum month-to-month incomes.

 ➡ Final verdict about All Solutions Network review

I’m going to finish now, so let me conclude about my All Solutions Network review. First upon I have to state that ASN is not a scam. If you’re following this system, the system will definitely WORK FOR YOU. I’ve examined this program with small hosting package and I got paid for it, small however pleased to see it really works.


The above earning is from hosting alone I did not use any other service yet. If you need to check this program free of COST…click on below link.

 ➡ Take Me to the All Solutions Network  Now >>

I hope, you liked my All solutions network review and I’m sure that you would be able to roll your wheels if caught earlier and if you wish to get started newly you’ll be able to roll your wheels instantly. If you’ve gotten any query or suggestion, feel free to comment or contact. See you inside!

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