»   How Affiliate Mistakes Made Me A “Better Person”

How Affiliate Mistakes Made Me A “Better Person”

Hey guys, are you in internet marketing? And if you are just starting off, it is better you avoid these affiliate mistake at the very beginning. I made lots of mistakes by overwhelmed when I began affiliate marketing 3 years ago.

Every day a new business opportunity was flooding into my inbox saying that you’ll make so and so $$$ without EXTRA work. And I start chasing them because I want to earn more in lesser time. I never made $10 by that opportunities but wasted so much hard-earned money chasing them.

It is true that affiliate marketing is an option to earn money on the internet. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a business and it requires systematic strategies to grow and make money online. But unfortunately when people take up an affiliate marketing business; they hope to make money overnight. This leads to number of affiliate mistakes which are best avoided to become successful.

Let us see how these mistakes made me to re-think. You can too avoid it and get began in proper way:

Affiliate Mistake #1: Not treating the affiliate marketing as real business

An affiliate marketing business must be treated as a real business. This is the business in which it is possible to earn money similar to other businesses; even if it does not have a look of a real business. So include training to update the knowledge and skill, update website content, design and features in the website, and include information which is relevant to the business and will be of useful to the visitors.

Moreover deal with the affiliate marketing as your personal and real business. Though it is not looks like a real business, you are going to make loads of MONEY from your online marketing business!

Affiliate Mistake #2: Non familiarity of program chosen for affiliate marketing

Familiarity of affiliate programs chosen for affiliate marketing is important. It is best to avoid taking up too many programs even though it seems to enhance business and increase the income. Choosing a program judiciously and one that you are familiar with or you have personally tried it.

Choosing a program for which you don’t have any idea or you don’t know what is INSIDE can end up as a failure and also reflect it on your online business. Can you recommend PIZZA to your friends if you have not personally tasted it? 

Affiliate Mistake #3: Choosing a scrappy or non-beneficial program for selling

Chosen programs or service must have a few factors that benefit the kind of business it is promoting. Factors like, profitability (does it sell well), familiarity (is it popular on the web), whether it is conducive to the audience and their needs for which they visited your website.

No product or service is perfect. You know that every thing has two side. But recommending one high quality related product or service on your website is easy to sell. No matter how costly it is to your customer!  

Affiliate Mistake #4: Big jump in marketing business

Start with small steps to marketing your business and avoid taking big jump in marketing if you are doing it alone. To first get a foothold in the world of affiliate marketing start off with small steps and then go on to bigger ones. Gurus can take big jump but it is not for beginners, I think so. UPDATE: Now beginners too can make BIG jump like gurus by following the others proven and successful methods!

Firstly to get a foothold on the world of affiliate marketing, begin with small steps and go for bigger thereafter. I will recommend CBPI to everyone who wanted to take big jump irrespective of their experience level.

Affiliate Mistake #5: Making the affiliate link too obvious

A good way to make people visit the website is not to make the affiliate link too obvious as it is most likely people do not click on direct links. The reason is that they are not very sure what kind of page or information they are likely to land on. The fear of landing on pages that are corrupt, indecent or useless can deter the people from clicking on direct links.

Some one can change a direct link to redirect it to some other website. Use some form of URL shorter as an alternative to cover your affiliate link. There are many link shorter web site like Google, Bitly and lots more there may assist you on this case.

So it is better to hide the link in texts and images are a better idea and process of affiliate marketing to get higher CTR.

Affiliate Mistake #6: Quitting and lose FOCUS

A good way to loss in any business is to quit and diverted! Any business take its own time to grow and nurture. Before you QUIT, Let it grow. If you loose your FOCUS from the business by some other shiny objects around you will never be close to success ever. NEVER QUIT and STAY FOCUSED!

By avoiding these simple affiliate mistakes you are sure to find success in the business of affiliate marketing. Moreover, it is better to start slow and steady than rush towards bigger and faster sources to earn money. This sentence recall me the old story I learned in the school “The Tortoise and The Hare” that slow and steady will win the race for sure.

I wish your success and also wanna hear your success stories soon.

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