Sant Affiliate MarketingHi friend! This is Santosh (Sant) Mali.

You are welcome to my website. Sant Affiliate Marketing gives you the latest updates on affiliate marketing for newbies, affiliate marketing strategies, and more! I wanna be a profitable and successful entrepreneur and really a lot interested in creating money reservoir by staying at home and working in my pajamas.

As like many people wish to become financially free, I am one of them. I’ve accomplished my commencement in Engineering in 2008 (Mumbai University) and began to working that 9-5 day job as typical new graduate student want to do as a result of my poor economic situation.

I supposed to make some money and I don’t wanna empty my dads bank account anymore for my dwelling. But solely job was not sufficient to rolling issues easily and I would like some EXTRA bucks to gear up things in my life. But how? …No idea.

It was 2010. One day I was traveling to my work place by local train, I saw an advertisement” Make Money From Home No experience required!” That blown my mind away. Whole day I was thinking about that advertisement; and questioned myself, Is it possible? I decided to give it a try. I called on the phone number provided on that ads.

They asked me “Do you have PC and Internet access? I said YES. Further they asked “Do you have 2-3 hrs spare time?” again I said YES! Then they explained how can I make money from home and asked me to purchase their JOB KIT for 1000 INR. I was in dire need of money so I ordered that job kit and I received it after 4 days.

I opened it, there was a CD and password written on it. Finally I logged in with the password provided. There was nothing expect 2 links on that web page. When I clicked on first link I was landed over a tiny job portal often known as Amazons Mechanical Turk (M-turk) and second link taken me to Commission Junction website.

It took me a whole week to read contents over there and understand it. M-turk was providing small jobs to perform for small bucks when job is submitted and confirmed by owner. On the other hand, Commission Junction was providing other people stuffs to sell online for certain commission.

These 2 concepts was totally different for me at the beginning. Commission junction, however, was none of my business at that moment. I decided to go for M-turk. I continued there for about 6 months however as examine to my new laborious work, final result was virtually nil, I couldn’t in a position to pay my Internet Bill by that penny.

I was totally disappointed by my hard-work. I didn’t wanna get that a kind of penny. My dream was large. I did a number of work from home, bought work from home job kits. I joined several mailing list. And then six months, eight then ten months and eventually a year 2011 gone doing this work and Googling.

I assumed, this isn’t for me.

…Every day my inbox was becoming full with new money opportunities to take. After a number of Dos and Don’t and wasting my hard-earned money on purchasing products after products, I started concentrating on the Affiliate Marketing and decided to start Internet marketing business.

I couldn’t believe that I could start a business in the digital world completely. I discovered the answer, YES! And from right there my journey of AFFILIATE MARKETING started…

I started affiliate marketing in late 2012. I created many website on WordPress and Blogger. Implemented the tactics I learned from every guru I joined and from their product(s) I bought. And generated few affiliate sales too. That build my confidence and realized that affiliate marketing is legitimate opportunity to make money from home.

I have tried and tested many job opportunities over there but there was no easy money. YOU HAVE TO WORK SMARTLY for making money online. Hard-work alone is not enough.

My goal in creating this website is to share my journey of online business. Internet Marketing is one of the best way to make money online… and in case you are in the identical mode, you’re welcome to share your experience with me or comment them here.

I’ll publish every little thing that I’ll take a look at and post helpful things for my expensive friends…YOU! There are lots to share in this universe. Sharing opens the world treasure. Open your arms to needy individuals who really need your assistance.

Sharing is Caring. And lastly I hope you’ll add me to your good friend listing.

Would you?

Take care and revel in!!


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  1. February 21, 2017 1:21 pm

    Interesting your story is familiar to affiliates good job

  2. kamal December 7, 2017 1:20 pm

    Nice and useful post….You have discussed many important aspects of affiliate marketing that a beginer must consider.

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